Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist

Ford Pro Trailer Assist

What if you could maneuver a trailer down a busy boat ramp at Palatka City Dock and Boat Ramp without needing a second set of eyes to guide you? Or park a camper in a tight spot at Ichetucknee Springs Campground on the first try?

Even experienced drivers can find it challenging to back up with a trailer hitched to a pickup truck or SUV. Fortunately, The Blue Oval is in touch with customer needs. Constantly pushing the envelope, striving to make driving a Ford as enjoyable and safe as possible, Ford Motor Company developed Ford Pro Trailer Assist.

Ford Pro Trailer Assist is advanced trailering technology designed to turn the difficult task of reversing with a trailer into a simple and safe exercise. Using Ford Pro Trailer Assist, even a novice can park a trailer like a seasoned pro.

You won't find anything like Pro Trailer Assist available from other brands. Ford's Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ is an exclusive feature in the full-size SUV and heavy-duty truck segments.

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Ford Pro Trailer Assist FAQs
How Do I Activate Pro Trailer Backup Assist™?

Activating Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ requires some initial setup.

First, connect the trailer to your vehicle. Make sure you're on level ground and the vehicle and trailer are in a straight line with one another.

Next, attach the placement sticker. The sticker should be attached to a flat horizontal surface on the trailer's tongue, facing up. Place the sticker between seven inches and 22 inches from the ball hitch. The checkered sticker can be found inside the Quick Setup Guide you receive.

After the sticker is attached, you'll need to take four measurements.
  • Measure the horizontal distance from the license plate of your vehicle to the center of the hitch ball.
  • Measure the distance from the center of the hitch ball to the placement sticker's exact center.
  • Measure the distance from the center of the placement sticker to the Pro Trailer Backup Camera. The camera is located under your Ford's tailgate latch.
  • Measure the distance from the tailgate to the center of the trailer's axle. If the trailer has double axles, measure from the tailgate to the center point between the two axles.

The Pro Trailer Backup Assist system can store specifics for up to 10 different trailers. (You only need to enter the information for each trailer and complete the calibrations once.)

After taking the measurements, activate Ford Pro Trailer Assist by pressing the center button on the system's control knob. The Trailer Backup knob is located to the right of the steering wheel.

You'll then be prompted to name the trailer and select additional information for that specific trailer. Do this using the steering wheel controls. The system will then ask you to add your measurements. Once it has all the measurements, Ford Pro Trailer Assist will attempt to locate the placement sticker, highlighting it with a red circle.

Continue to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the calibration.

Once the initial setup is complete, activate Ford Pro Trailer Assist by pressing the center button on the system's control knob. Select the trailer that's attached to your vehicle.

Now, to reverse your trailer like a pro, simply turn the knob left or right, following the on-screen guides. Ford Pro Trailer Assist does all the work, steering your trailer exactly where you need it to go.

For additional help, refer to your Ford Owner's Manual or check out these Ford How-To videos.

Why Should I Buy the Ford Pro Trailer Assist?

The entire process of maneuvering a trailer can be tricky business. Not only do you need to simultaneously navigate two vehicles moving in opposing directions, but you must also constantly monitor the areas near and around your vehicle and the trailer.

Whether this is your first try reversing with a trailer or you've done it dozens of times, available Pro Trailer Backup Assist makes a hard task as easy as turning a knob.

Some Ford vehicles have an available Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ 2.0 system. This system automates the initial setup required, by replacing the use of the checkered sticker with a sensor box or yaw rate sensor.

How Does a Trailer Backup Camera Work?

Using wireless technology, a trailer backup camera captures the images from the rearview camera on the trailer and the backup camera attached to the vehicle. The camera uses these images to detect the trailer's edges and broadcasts the image of the trailer onto the system screen in outline form, making the trailer seem transparent.

The image displayed by the camera is a mirror image of what the camera actually captures. This makes it so the image you see is aligned with your perspective.

What Ford Models Have Pro Trailer Backup Assist™?

The vehicles that currently have Ford Pro Trailer Assist available are:

Ford's Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System with Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ is an available option on XL, XLT, and LARIAT trim levels and comes standard on King Ranch®, Platinum, and Limited models.

The Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System with Pro Trailer Backup Assist™ includes:
  • Ford Pro Trailer Assist
  • Lane-Keeping alert
  • Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera System
  • Rear view camera system
  • Trailer reverse guidance
  • LED Center High-Mounted Stop Lamp (CHMSL)
  • Rear CHMSL camera

Ford's Pro Trailer Backup Assist System is designed to accommodate all trailer styles, including conventional trailers, and gooseneck and fifth-wheel setups.